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Verizon Increases Prices for Many Older Unlimited Plans

This week, Verizon will increase the cost of a selection of older plans that haven’t been available in recent memory. This cost hike affects a number of other unlimited plans, not only the outdated legacy unlimited plan.

Verizon has released information about the impending changes and all 9 of the affected plans on a support page. As early as April 10, 2023, these nine unlimited plans will face a $2/month per phone line pricing rise. If you decide to go with one of these plans, the only modification to be aware of is the monthly cost rise.

Below is a list of all the plans that have had an increase:Go Unlimited Loyalty Version 1.0
Go Unrestricted Hello Again
1.0 Beyond Limitless
The Unlimited New Verizon Plan $110
The Unlimited Verizon Plan’s New Smartphone $65
Plan 55+ Unlimited 55+ Infinite Loyalty Plan Infinite Business Plan
I don’t have any advice for you on how to prevent the $2/mo increase, sorry. Verizon suggests either moving to one of their current unlimited plans or picking a prepaid plan to avoid the additional fee. I’m done now. If you want to maintain the above-mentioned plan, there is no alternative option to avoid this rise.

Verizon claims that you will see a “Plan Rate Change” line in the one-time charges & credits when this $2/mo rise appears on your account. Section for the first month. After that, you’ll see the same Plan Rate Adjustment in the Plans section because you pay for your monthly service in advance.

Curious what a new plan might look like? The newest Verizon prepaid plans can be found here. For all of the newest postpaid Verizon unlimited plans, you’ll find them here.

Verizon first confirmed this increase a little over a month ago, but the time for those increases to kick in has arrived.