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Hoda Kotb gives rare update on former ‘Today’ cohost Kathie Lee Gifford

The Today show’s fourth hour cohosts, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, have kept in touch even though it’s been five years. Kotb, 59, gave her fans an update on Gifford’s whereabouts and recent activities on Wednesday.

Kotb premiered Gifford’s new song “3 Little Words” on the “Faves and Finds” segment. Her former cohost was the subject of her next update.

“Just wanted to mention that Kat is absolutely thriving right now. She’s in Nashville, writing music and living her dream life,” Kotb exclaimed. “Kat, I love you because she’s making music and playing with the cutest grandkids.”

It wasn’t until 2008 that Gifford and Kotb took over Today’s fourth hour. After Gifford’s tenure ended in April 2019, her frequent replacement, Jenna Bush Hager, took over. She said she felt she had to step down from her role as Today host after her spouse passed away in 2015.

The realisation that time is running out hit me when my husband went away. During an appearance on The Tonight Show at the time, Gifford informed Jimmy Fallon that he was unaware that he was running out of time that morning. “And then my mother went away, too.”

I never imagined I’d be in this place, but I just recently did. The realization that I am a widow, an orphan, and an empty nester hit me like a ton of bricks. Having the freedom and financial resources to pursue my passions has never been easier than it is right now.

Since leaving the NBC morning show, Gifford has moved to Nashville where she’s been able to work on several projects including a book, a “dream project“, and of course watching her three grandchildren grow up.

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