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Single dad tries to raise triplets and one day discovers they’re not his.

Joe lovingly and carefully reared his triplets, Jade, Ruby, and Emily, for six years. When she left the family, he was both their father and mother. But one day, his heart stopped when he opened the door to see who had rung the doorbell. “Where are my children?” Ariana inquired, glancing around for the triplets. “Girls! Mom is home! Don’t you want to see your mommy?” “They only have one parent, and that’s me. Get it? NOW, OUT!” Joe shouted. “Oh really? Who said YOU’RE their dad?” Ariana hinted. “I’ve come to pick them up.”…

Joe McCarthy met who he thought was the love of his life at a Paris fair. He and Ariana quickly fell in love and dreamed of starting a family together.

One day, she informed him that she was pregnant. Joe was equally excited and startled. The two wanted children, but they always talked about having them once they married.

Joe was aware that he and Ariana had taken every effort to avoid an unexpected pregnancy, but she assured him that such events do occur.

The two married in a modest ceremony, and everything appeared to be going well until Ariana’s conduct altered. She would spend much of her time on her phone and would not allow Joe to see her email. But he was so eager about being a father that he ignored his wife’s actions.

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Then, one day in the hospital changed this man’s life forever. During a scan, Ariana discovered she was carrying triplets, and while Joe was overjoyed, she was horrified at the prospect of having three babies.

“What? Triplets? I cannot afford to give birth to three babies and ruin my beauty!” she shrieked after hearing the news.

“But baby, those are our babies. You cannot talk so badly about them. What is the connection between having babies and your beauty? I don’t understand,” Joe asked.

“What is the connection? Joe, I will start looking old, and nobody will be interested in looking at me!” Ariana yelled.

“Looking at you? Wait…what do you mean by that? Who else do you want to appreciate your beauty other than me, your husband?” Joe asked. At this point, Ariana uttered the unthinkable and unlocked another heartbreak for Joe.

“I married you to live a wealthy life. I thought we were not just architects building others’ dreams but also a rich couple who could build theirs as well. But your earnings are not enough to even go on a cruise!” she fumed. “And with these three extra burdens coming into the world, I doubt if you would give me all the luxuries I want!”

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This shattered Joe’s heart into a thousand pieces. Joe gained complete custody of the three healthy girls when they were born, and Ariana permanently departed the family. Joe thought so.

Raising three children was more difficult than this father could have imagined, yet he never gave up trying.

He gave his girls a wonderful childhood, but one day, things were about to change.

Ariana unexpectedly appeared on Joe’s doorway.

“YOU??? What are you doing here?” He gasped in shock. “YOU??? What are you doing here?” He gasped in shock.

Ariana then pushed her way into the house and started yelling, “Girls! Mom is home! Don’t you want to see your mommy?”

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Luckily, the girls weren’t home.

Joe requested her to leave the house, reminding her that the girls only had one parent: him.

Hearing this, Ariana said something shocking. “Oh really? Who said you’re their DAD? I had two other boyfriends while dating you. And I got really “intimate” with one of them on tour. These girls must be his… I’m sure they aren’t yours because you were away on a month-long expo to Egypt.”

Joe collapsed. His world had turned upside down. He didn’t want to face reality and requested proof.

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Two weeks later, Ariana received the results of the DNA test she ordered. Unfortunately, the girls were not Joe’s.

The following day, she requested that the girls accompany her. “Send my girls with me. I need to sue that rich scoundrel for alimony, and I can only do it if I have my children with me,”  she explained.

Joe realized he wasn’t their father, but it didn’t affect the fact that he nurtured and loved them unconditionally. So, instead of giving up, he opted to fight Ariana in court, which surprised her.

Ariana had DNA findings, but Joe had the documentation she signed six years ago, transferring legal custody of the children to him. She had also signed off on her rights with Joe.

At that time, her case had no hope. She lost the legal struggle, and the girls remained with Joe.

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As he walked out of the court with his daughters, they inquired, “Dad, who is she? Why is she talking to you?

Joe responded, “She’s a stranger. We don’t talk to strangers anymore! Come, let’s go home. Dad is having two weeks off, and shall we go on that cruise we had planned?!”