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How’s the Android 14 Beta Treating You This Thursday?

New beta, new bugs, goes the very popular slogan that I just made up. It is a parody of Mo Money Mo Problems by Biggie. Anyway, we want to know how the brand-new Android 14 beta is treating you. Why do we inquire? Let’s just say that here and there, a few people are having trouble with the internet. The most recent Android release from Google is undoubtedly not without issues, albeit nothing too serious, just standard beta stuff.

I’m not entirely sure why everyone is so angry. Things should be broken because it’s a beta, right? Or maybe they’re just trying to alert Google to certain problems and aren’t really offended at all to be fixed. However, the Android 14 beta doesn’t seem to be as suitable for daily use as earlier betas. Before flashing it onto your Pixel device, be aware of that.

Adaptive brightness is broken, the wallpaper and style area crashes, and there are problems with the fingerprint scanner, to name just a few of the flaws that have been brought up by the Android community.

The missing connection type icon and the wallpaper/style section crashing are two of those problems that are simple to repair. Beyond that, it’s possible that the issues may require some effort from Google and that an update will eventually need to be released. But since this is just a test, it’s impossible to know if Google has a rush on these fixes.