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Despite transphobic backlash, Garth Brooks will be stocking his new Nashville bar with Bud Light

I intend for it to be a secure haven for you. ‘I want there to be politeness and people to enjoy one another,’ Brooks stated of his new company. Yes, all beer brands will be available. Just the way it is, that’s us. This is not a call that falls to us. If you’re invited into our home, our rule is simple: love each other. There are plenty of other establishments on lower Broadway for you to go if you’re an a-hole.

Some drinkers are boycotting Bud Light, and as a result, a few establishments have stopped selling it. The clubs that musicians John Rich and Kid Rock run on Nashville’s Broadway no longer carry Bud Light.

The country singer has a long history of supporting the LGBTQ cause. The song “We Shall Be Free,” written and performed by Brooks in 1992, strongly denounces racism and homophobia.

The song “We Shall Be Free” is the most divisive one I’ve ever recorded. From “someone who claims not to be a prophet but just an ordinary man,” Brooks wrote in the “The Chase” CD booklet, “a song of love, a song of tolerance.” I never anticipated that this song would cause any controversy. The paths we choose to travel down aren’t always the ones we expect them to be. For as long as I live, I will never waver from my unwavering support for every word of “We Shall Be Free.” I take great pride in it.